The Day So Far – Civic Si, Mazdaspeed3, Genesis Coupe, Nismo Z, and Lamborghinis.

27 10 2009

It’s lunch time here at Cali Speedway so I figured it was a good time to update on how the day is going. I started off the day right by riding in a Lamborghini LP640 with an Indy driver at the helm. All I can say about that is wow is it fast and wow does it understeer.
Following my ride along I immediately jumped in the special edition Balboni Gallardo for a street drive. Amazing car, beautiful interior, and an exhaust note that curls your toes in extasy (even more so in a tunnel).
First track drive of the day was the Mazdaspeed3. Lots of power, good handling, crappy tcs.
I followed that with the genesis 3.8 grand touring. Decent auto trans, fun handling dynamics, and good brakes – but a way too intrusive tcs.
Next was the civic si 4door. This was by far the most fun I had on the track. If I had to chose one car to spend all day in it would be the Civic Si. Very fun and forgiving car. Buttery smooth gearbox, peaky engine, lsd all add up to a great driving experience.
Final car of the morning was the Nismo7 – the catfish. Holy crap was this thing good. But its best feature by far was its brakes. Stop on a dime power and the ability to take abuse over and over without fading. Handling and power were also astounding. Biggest suprise on it was its TCS. It actually let you have fun. I was actually hanging tail through turns. Lunch is over and it is time to get back on track. Next up – Evo MR Touring.




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27 10 2009
Rob G

Wow. Surprised to hear the Nismo Z was so good.

On the other cars, did they not let you turn off the TCS? Or did they auto-engage for ‘safety’ reasons?

More pix!

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