And so it begins…

2 12 2009

At the LA Auto Show it is all about making an impression. Manufacturers create a big spectacle about all of their new cars no matter how minor they may be.
The first day of Press Days is just starting and we are about to witness perhaps the biggest spectacle of all – a keynote speech by Bob Lutz. But why would a keynote speech be so spectacular? Because Mr. Lutz wasn’t the original speaker.
Yesterday afternoon the industr was rocked with news that GM’s CEO and President Fritz Henderson, our Original keynote speaker, resigned his position with The General. This was a totally unexpected move and puzzled many people. Rumors abound as to the actal reasons behind Fritz’s act of seppuku but hopefully Bob “Maximum” Lutz will clear this up and shed some interesting light on what’s going on with GM and the auto industry in general.




2 responses

2 12 2009
Rob G

I won’t be able to attend until Friday so keep the updates coming! BTW i think it’s seppuku not sepiku.

2 12 2009
Jon Barrett

Thanks Robert. Typed that up before I had a cup of coffee. Haha. More updates coming very soon.

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