Chevy Cruzes in to Open the 2009 LA Auto Show

2 12 2009

The madness that is known as Press Days at the LA Auto show has begun and day 1 is packed with unveils. Chevy was first out of the gate promoting their new green technology including hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and their EREV (read “Not Hybrid”) Volt. They announced that California will be among the first markets to sell the Volt and it should come at the end of 2010.
Chevy also unveiled their new compact sedan (coupe variant will be available too), the Cruze. First impression is very good. Well done exterior with some actual style to it and an overall sporty look.
The interior is where the Cruze really struts its stuff. Finally getting away from over-plasticy, bland interiors, the Cruze features sweeping curves on its 2-tone dashboard and a very well laid out console.
The engine isn’t too shabby either. GM is using one of its European turbo-charged 4 cylinders that promises a sporty driving experience and 40 mpg on the highway.




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