Fiesta Time!

2 12 2009

Just an hour or so ago Ford pulled the cover off of the new Fiesta sub-compact car. Wow is this a good looking car in 5-door hatchback form (sedan isn’t quite as eye-catching). It was ushered in by Ford’s Fiesta Movement Agents and the whole unveil really was aimed at the Fiesta’s Gen-Y target audience. There was a live twitter feed on a projector where anyone that included “#fiestamovement” in their tweet could see it displayed over the satin covered cars – and you know I got my own tweet up there.
The Fiestas themselves ranged from the factory stock cars to highly modified with my favorite being the maroon hatch that was turboed and lowered with Work wheels.
I think Ford has really nailed it’s target audience and finally created a sub-compact econo-box the average person would want to buy. I can’t wait to see this go head to head with the new Mazda2 and maybe even see an SVT or, dare I say it, an RS version of the Fiesta. But as it sits, the standard car with its distinct styling and 40mpg highway fuel economy is nothing to laugh at.




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